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  • Gerardo Patino
  • Canada, Toronto
  • Price per hour
  • 30 CAD
The first city tour I ever gave of Toronto was an eye-opener for me; it made me realize how much I enjoyed telling people about the place where I live and love. Ever since, I have been giving tours of Toronto and Niagara Falls. When I first moved to Toronto and started going around the streets, I sensed the unique characters of Toronto's different districts, the old and the new. My curiosity made me become interested in the different architectural styles of Toronto throughout its history as a city.

One of my passengers once asked me, "You do like to be a tour guide, don't you?" To which I answered, "yes, I do. How do you know?" And her reply was, "Because of the way you explain the places and history of what we are visiting in the tour. You sound very passionate".

To me this compliment was a confirmation that being a Tour Guide brings out the best of me!

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